Summary of The Sign of the Beaver December 1th

Matt and his father had just moved to a forest where only Indians live. His dad leaves to pick up the rest of the family for 2 months. After a few weeks a bear invaded his house and destroyed and took everything from his cabin. Matt was so hungry he climbed to get some honey. The bees reacted and the whole herd started to attack. The next morning he found that he was saved, saved by an Indian called SakNis. Matt in return made a deal with SakNis. Matt will teach Attean the grand child of SakNis how to read and Matt will get food. Attean taught Matt how to survive while Matt read him the book Robinson Crusoe. One day a bear attacked Matt and Attean, Matt threw the rabbit at the bear while Attean threw a arrow. After that Matt was invited to the Beaver colony. After the feast Matt slept over and left the next day. At noon he found Attean's dog trapped. He tried to help but he couldn't. He headed for the Beaver tribe. The grandmother some how approved the coming of Matt and helped him. They were able to rescue the dog and the next day Attean came with SakNis. Attean had to leave to find his spirit to be a hunter. Few days later Attean came to ask if he wanted to come with them to another place to live. Matt was going to be Attean's brother. Matt refused because he had to wait for his family. Matt had got gifts from the Indians and Attean's family had left. 6 months past and finally his family returned. Now Matt was with the family he belonged to, his family.

Whipping Boy Summary

One day Prince Brat took Jemmy his whipping boy to the forest. He was running away from the castle because he had nothing to do in the castle. During their run away they got kid-napped buy H.N.B. and Cutwater.They managed to escape thanks to Betsy and Petunia. They arrived at the carnival and started to buy supplies. Jemmy and Prince Brat headed to the sewers after supper. They met Cutwater and H.N.B. again, but luckily the rats attacked the criminals and they got aboard on a ship to prison. Jemmy was awarded to not take the lessons for Prince Brat anymore and now Prince Brat and Jemmy are great friends.

Reading Response

Southpaw- November 16, 2009

This is the book I am going to do a reading response on. Southpaw by Rich Wallace. I think Rich Wallace really did a great job not giving away the story on Southpaw. I felt that the book had enough details and made it easy to understand. When he went to tryout for the team I knew how he felt because I had tried-out for Tai Tam Tigers. It was very nervous. I think this is a just right book because I know what the book is trying to say and fulling understand all the words.

Jimmy was the main character and he just moved to Hudson City. He is not shy after he makes a friend called Ramiro. Jimmy is a left-handed pitcher for the Hudson City baseball team. He was always bullied by Spencer and his friends. But soon somethings change and Jimmy gains courage. He becomes friends with Spencer. Spencer was basically the team players boss. He always had people on his side. But after a game that Jimmy pitched great he made an error which cost the game. He felt bad and he tried to get the blame. After that incident Jimmy and Spencer were friends.

Well the story was resolved by Jimmy getting the win and Hudson City baseball team getting their first win. I felt really happy for Jimmy because I know how it feels when your team loses 4 straight games and when you are in a slump. I would change the part when the author wrote: That short guy because it kind of insults Willie who is a good player. I would say that little swift guy. I think the author's message is that don't think negative and always believe you can do it. Example: (Restated) Jimmy thought he might not make the team. After all there are plenty of good players. And then coach told Jimmy and Ramiro made the team.