Literature Circle Response Absolutely Normal Chaos-March 1th, 2010

I really enjoyed reading the book Absolutely Normal Chaos by Sharon Creech. This book made me interested because it had a lot of information on her friends and how she felt about them. She expressed her feeling in her journal and wrote everything that had happened. Like Mary Lou I have been sometimes really annoyed by my friend not acting like he usually is or not telling me something that he/she said they will. Also sometimes I have no patience and want to find out the secret they have. This is why I knew how Mary Lou felt when Beth Ann didn't act like herself because of truly-Diviiiiiine- Derek. And also when Carl Ray didn't tell Mary Lou who his real father is. I think this is a just right book because I have no diffulclty on understanding the book.

Carl Ray was very quite at first and never talked on the first day, but he talked to Maggie. He only says Don't rightly know at the beginning and nod. He suddenly started to talk a lot when Mr. Furtz died. He worked for his shop and later on told Mary Lou that Mr. Furtz was his real father. Carl Ray also recevied a lot of money from Mr. Furtz and also a ring from him. He later on got injured in a car accident. At the end he went back to his orginal home althugh he was offered to live with the Furtz's. I think what made him change was Mr. Furtz's sudden death. Mary Lou really hated Alex Cheevey and Carl Ray at first, but then she really started to like Alex Cheevey. He comes to Mary Lou's street to meet the Murphy family but Alex tells her that he made up the Murphy's so he can hang out with her. Mary Lou turns into something like Beth Ann calling Alex all the time. She also starts like Carl Ray because he starts to tell her secrets and always drives her where she wants go. When Carl Ray and Mary Lou went to visit Carl Ray's family Carl Ray let Mary Lou go back to her house one day earlier.

I think the problem was Mr. Furtz dieing. The problem was resolved by Carl Ray not being too sad and going back to his house and living with his other father Uncle Carl Joe. The other thing is that Mrs. Furtz was relieved that Carl Ray told her about that he was Mr. Furtz's son and had gotten the ring from Mr. Furtz and didn't get too sad about Mr. Furtz's death. I would change the part when he tells Beth Ann that he is moving back to his house. I would change it by first telling Mary Lou's family and then going to Beth Ann's to tell her. I think authors message is do not judge people too early. Like at first Mary Lou really hates Carl Ray because he doesn't do any work, but when Mary Lou goes to ole Carl Ray's house she never was able to make up her bed because of Carl Ray's sisters but Carl Ray must of not been able to make up her bed too because of Mary Lou doing it for him. And in the end she starts to like Carl Ray.