December 15, 2009 Reading Response

Number the Stars by Lois Lowry gave me an idea about World War 2. My connection to this book is that I also care for my friends just like Annemarie the main character who helped her friend Ellen to escape from the soldiers, but I didn't help my friend escape from soldiers of course. I know this is a just right book for me because I usually read from 20-35 pages in 30 minutes if it is a just right book. Also I fully understand the book.

Annemarie's parents changed, in the beginning they never lied to Annemarie but when Ellen's family was in dangered they lied that they had a great aunt-Birte. This was actually a plan so the soldiers not know that the family was planning a great escape. Peter was Lise's boy friend and Peter was a very nice person and came to Annemarie's house to meet Lise often. He would also play with Annemarie and her little sister, Kristen. Once Lise had died because of a car crash Peter has not been coming often to Annemarie's apartment. Later on Peter will be caught by soldiers and will be killed.

The problem of this book was that Ellen's religion became illegal so the soldiers came to kill all of the people with that religion. But since Sweeden was a place where soldiers would not come they shipped a lot of people to Sweeden on a boat. I felt really happy when this happened because if I had a friend about to get killed but was able to escape I will really be happy but also sad. I would change the part when Peter got caught and burried in under a rock into burried in a proper grave because it will be hard to remember which rock and which number on the rock. The authors message I think is that always care for your neighbors/friends from getting in trouble such as when the Johansen's (Annemarie's family) saved Ellen and her family.