Blog Entry Reading Response Thursday April 22, 2010

Margaret Haddix really got me glued to the book when she wrote Among the Betrayed. This book made me want to read more because of tasks, suspense and some betrayal. I really was nervous when Alia, Matthias, Percy and Nina were escaping because if they were caught they will be killed. I have had been really nervous sometimes that some one might catch me playing my games when I'm not supposed to so I think I know how Nina and her gang felt like. This was a just right book because I knew what the book was about and had no difficulty on any understanding of words

Nina was one really bad character at first. She only thought about herself and didn't care about others. Like when Mr. Talbot offered her a deal to be free but will have to betray others she was very glad. She was very selfish because she never gave the food that she got to the people she had to betray. When she got a key to free herself and the others instead of going by herself she chose to help the others too. When Mr. Talbot tracked her down she warned the others instead of saving her own life. It turned out to be that it was a test to see whether Nina was bad or good. Mr. Talbot turned from evil to good again as he was treating Nina very badly at first but later on treated her like Luke. Mr. Talbot was the person who gave beatings to her and kept on pushing her around. But after the test Mr. Talbot knew that Nina was good so he treated Nina nicely.

The problem was that Nina and her friends were in jail. They were innocent though. But then they were freed. I was really glad that they were free because now they didn't have to spend their miserable life in jail for the rest of the life. Mr. Talbot kind of helped Nina, Percy, Matthias and Alia escape by letting Nina get the keys. I would change the part when the guard was poisoned because he wasn't really poisoned. I think they should of made him unconscious for while because then the ambulance would know he was pretending. The author's message was probably not to betray people because Nina was suppose to betray Percy, Matthias and Alia but she didn't so I think it is not to betray other people.