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Babe & Me-October 9, 2009

Dan Gutman really got me into this book called Babe & Me. Through the story I really wanted to find out if Babe Ruth actually called his shot in the World Series. I do know how it feels like to be the last out of the game and lose because I play baseball. This helped me to know how Joe Stoshack really felt like when he was the last out. It is quite stressful. I had a feeling that the more I read I would find out if Babe Ruth actually really called his shot, but of course no one really knows. This book felt just right because I remember what happened and I understand what happened very clearly.

Joe Stoshack changed from being bad at baseball to good. In the end of this book Joe Stoshack hits a homer run that goes out of the park at Dunn Field. No one has ever hit a home run at Dunn Field. His dad and he thinks that Babe Ruth actually taught him how to hit like that. His ad changed a lot because usually his dad is always angry at everything, but when he went to meet Babe Ruth he wasn't angry anymore because he tried to stop Hitler from organizing the camp and kill a lot of people. His dad actually changed from an angry person to a non angry person in about 2 days.

The solution of this book was that Babe Ruth actually called his shot, but in real life we don't know. I felt good that the mystery of Babe's called shot because it felt like know it's not a mystery anymore. I would change that Babe called his shotbecause we don't know if Babe really called his shot and it has to a mystery to make things very exciting. I think the authors message is that time traveling is cool, the mystery of Babe Ruth's shot, and don't be so selfish.

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  1. Very well done and some great explanations. Your connection is well described and you looked at the characters with a very analytical eye. I do agree with you that having a mystery helps to make the book more believable and also to keep it that way at the end of the books also makes the mystery stay real. I was a little confused with your talk of Dunn Field as I do not know where this is or how it connects to either Joe Stoshack or Babe Ruth. I did not understand your message at the end. It seems to be in three parts when it should just be one. Try to use an example from the book to justify or prove your message.