Civil War Reading Response March 1oth, 2o1o

Abraham's Battle by Sara Harrell Banks really was very interesting book. I first thought that Abraham was President Abraham Lincoln but he is actually a free slave. I had a connection with Lamar when he was carried on an ambulance. I have been on an ambulance and when I am on the ambulance I felt really nervous so I think Lamar must of felt nervous and wondering if he was going to be alive or not. This was a just right book for me because I understood most of the things about the book and have a good memory of that book.

Abraham changed from not trusting Lamar to great friends with Lamar. In the beginning he was always careful of what he was telling Lamar because he was a Confederate soldier. Then Lamar is invited for a picnic in the hills. Lamar appreciated Abraham for giving him food. Lamar leaves and heads back to Confederate camp. Now Abraham trusts Lamar and they are friends. During the war of Gettysburg Abraham spots Lamar on the ground wounded. Abraham was scared to send him to the Confederate hospital so he brought him to the Union hospital. Lamar later died in peace.

The problem in this book was the Confederate army having a war with the Union army at Gettysburg. The problem was resolved by the war ending. I was not happy about this ending because a lot of people died because of this war. If I would change something in the book I will change the part where the person comes in Ladysmith's house and that person is anatomist to that they find out later on because I was very curious who he was. I think the authors message was fight for what you believe because Lamar was only fighting for the south while Abraham fought for freedom, what he believed in.


  1. I liked the way you explained the blog post and showed that you read the book thoroughly, you made good text to life connections and I liked the post a lot. The only part I didn't understand about your blog was the part at Ladysmith's, if you had explained that a little better, then your blog post would be near perfect.

  2. I really like this blog because you express all your feelings about this book also I really liked how you made questions for yourself and that helps you understand the book more if you figure it out yourself so it benefits your reading. But I think if your going to talk about something like Ladysmith maybe you could of told us more about it so we could understand. Otherwise it was almost perfect.