May 4th, 2010 Tracker

Tracker by Gary Paulsen was a very interesting book. It started off very interesting. But in the same time it was just repeating what he had said so many times. Like John my grandfather was dying but I had no clue. When I heard he had died I felt very sad so I think I know what it feels like to have your grandfather dying. This was a just right book for me because I didn't have any difficulties on understanding the book.

John first thought that death was nothing. He used to go with his grandfather to go hunting each year and they will always get a deer. John didn't care about it until his grandfather was going through the process of dying. This year when he has to go hunting by himself he doesn't go to kill the deer. He goes to touch the deer. He thinks that if he touches the deer his grandfather will not die. In the end he is successful on touching the deer but he realizes that touching the deer was no use.

The problem was that he had to go hunting by himself. It was resolved by him able to come back home but instead of getting a deer he touched the deer. When John came back home I was very happy because he was able to see his grandfather before he died. What I would change is that I wouldn't repeat so many things that he already wrote. I think the author's message was that everybody's life will be up some day because John couldn't believe his grandfather was dying. Also it can be before someone dies you should impress them because in the book it showed that his grandfather thought it was amazing how John touched the dear.

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